From Drab to Fab

Post #1

Post #1

      So you know that faded long sleeved shirt drooping over the hanger in your closet? Yes, yes you know exactly which shirt I’m talking about. It was fabulous when you bought it, but you wore it so much during the winter that it’s lost its fab quality and has become completely drab. Well, before you donate it or throw it down the trash chute during these hot summer months, it’s time for a DIY!

Okay, if you’re up for the challenge, here’s a list of the materials you’re going to need:

  • Long Sleeved Shirt in need of some TLC
  • A Good Pair of Scissors
  • Embellishments, studs, pearls, etc. (optional)

     Next up, decide how you’re going to turn that shirt from drab to fab. Is it going to be a simple sleeveless tank top? How about a sassy crop top? Well whatever your plan is, my first suggestion is to cut those long sleeves off, it’s hot outside!

     To cut the sleeves off, you’re going to need the pair of scissors.  Then you need to lay the shirt out on a flat surface. Now take the scissors and cut along the outside of the shoulder hem, as close as possible and voila! It’s sleeveless!

 The hem (the red stitches)

The hem (the red stitches)

     Finally take any of your embellishments, attach them, and do anything else to your shirt to finish it off.  Now take a look at your new DIY creation not so drab anymore, right?  Yep, more like fab now!



     Well, there you are with your brand new fabulous shirt! If you haven’t tried this DIY out yet then get those scissors cutting right away!

Trust me with this you’ll be stunning 24/7





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